Uber Bistro: American Comfort Food in Westfield

I was running errands in Westfield one day, when I noticed that a new restaurant, Uber Bistro, was open. I’m always intrigued when I see that a new place is open, so I stopped inside (kids in tow) and spoke to owner Afshin Shirazi. This is the second location of Uber Bistro, the first one having opened in Warren about a year ago. The concept of Uber Bistro is simple. It serves up high quality American comfort food, perfect for a meal that you can enjoy and feel good about. The food is made in-house, and everything is cooked fresh daily. In addition, the bistro offers options for people with dietary restrictions as it has gluten-free options, and is also 100% nut-free.


Afshin has been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years, and now that he has children he found that their household was focusing more on healthier options. He created the menu with that in mind, and the most popular dishes on the menu include Chicken Teriyaki, Lamb Gyro, Cowboy Burger, and Quinoa Salad. Kids have their own menu choices, and there are also breakfast options, including omelets, pancakes, and organic coffee. Perhaps most importantly, Uber Bistro also offers delivery. On a recent Saturday, they did nearly 50 deliveries.


Afshin wants his customers to have a great overall experience when they visit Uber Bistro. Each location offers a clean space with exceptional service and high-quality food. I’m always happy to have another dining option, especially when I know that I can leave there feeling good about the food I eat, as well what I feed my kids. I can’t wait to stop by and try it out. Welcome to the neighborhood Uber Bistro!

Uber Bistro
261 South Ave, Westfield (in the Shoprite Liquors strip mall)
(908) 317-8454

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