My Favorite Food Deals in the Area

I love good food, but more than that I love good food that doesn’t break the bank. There are a lot of places in Cranford and the surrounding towns that deliver great food for a good price. Here are some of my favorites.

  • I’m all about quick, easy dinners, and Pastosa Ravioli excels in that area. A great weekday dinner is a package of their frozen raviolis (Broccoli Rabe and Goat Cheese are our two favorites), paired with a loaf of their crusty bread. The best part is that the ravioli is so good you don’t even have to cover it in sauce – a drizzle of olive oil and some grated cheese is all you need. I also don’t want to forget about Casa di Trevi. Their fresh pasta is delicious also, and can be picked up either at their factory in Roselle Park, or also in other spots throughout the area, including Dreyer Farms.


  • Hands down, there’s no better deal in the area than the homemade Italian ices from Mimi’s Pizza and Italian Ices in Roselle Park. They’re cheap, delicious, and the best way to beat the heat on a sweltering summer day. All of the flavors are great but I’m partial to coconut and mango.
  • When I worked in the city, any lunch under $10 usually consisted of a salad that would leave you hungry within the hour. It’s no wonder I would bring lunch from home most days. So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Siam Inn for lunch and was provided with a delicious, quality meal for under $10. Their lunch special, available Monday through Friday, allows you to select an appetizer and an entree for either $8 or $9 (depending on your choice of protein). It’s a great deal, and one I’m planning to take full advantage of in the future.
  • It’s not a birthday in our household unless an ice cream cake is ordered from Vanilla Bean Creamery. While their ice cream isn’t cheap, I view their ice cream cakes as a great deal. What other cake could you order where you can stash the leftovers in the freezer and eat whenever you want? We always order a cake that’s a bit bigger than we actually need, just so we can be assured that we’ll be enjoying the leftovers for weeks to come. With our children’s birthdays coming up in the next few months, I think I should clear some room in the freezer.


  • We joined the Dreyer Farms CSA again this year, which means I’m up at the farm every week. That can be dangerous when it’s filled with goodies like fresh donuts, homemade jams, and other delicious treats. However, my favorite thing to pick up there is a dozen of the farm fresh eggs they sell. The eggs taste great and they’re our go-to for an easy dinner. Whether we scramble them, fry them, or just throw them on a bagel, they’re one of the cheapest dinners you can have.
  • Every few months I get together with a few of my friends and we treat ourselves to a night out. We’ve been to restaurants throughout the area, and one of my favorite deals is the Wednesday Prix Fixe menu at Pairings. For $35 you get an appetizer, pasta, entree, and dessert – a great value in itself, and they don’t skimp on the portions. I’ve returned to Pairings a number of times for this deal and haven’t been disappointed yet.

What are some of your favorite food deals around?

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