Sichuan Dynasty in Westfield

We’ve been looking for a new place to add to our regular takeout rotation now that Thai Cranford and San Marzano Pasta Bar have closed. I was glancing at Yelp reviews one day and saw people giving rave reviews to a new restaurant in Westfield, Sichuan Dynasty. So at the end of December we did our first takeout order from them…and we’ve since ordered from them nearly every week since.

The dishes they offer are similar to what you might find in a Chinese restaurant but we definitely feel the quality is superior. We start with their Shredded Cucumber Salad and Dumplings in Spicy Sauce. The cucumber salad cuts the spiciness of everything nicely, plus the freshness of the cucumbers is something you rarely get in a takeout meal. The dumplings are outstanding, putting other dumplings I’ve had to shame. They’re both delicate and substantial, the perfect starter to your meal.
For the entrées they’ve expanded their menu in just the few months since they’ve opened. We’ve tried the Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po’s Bean Curd, and Garlic Broccoli. My husband loves the Kung Pao Chicken. Every time we order it he remarks on the quality of the meat as compared to other restaurants. I really enjoyed the Bean Curd but my favorite entrée is the Garlic Broccoli. It sounds simple but the broccoli is cooked just right and it’s very garlicky, just the way I like it. I do like to ask for the food to be made spicy but that’s just a personal preference. It tastes good whether it’s extra spicy or not.
Kung Pao Chicken
Garlic Broccoli
The last time Dennis picked up our food the owner came out and shook his hand, thanking us for being regular customers. Sichuan Dynasty is a great addition to the food scene in the area, and I’m so happy to support another local business.
Sichuan Dynasty
515 South Ave. West

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4 Responses to Sichuan Dynasty in Westfield

  1. david says:

    You are absolutely right about the quality of the food–but absolutely wrong about “The dishes they offer are similar to what you might find in a Chinese restaurant”–whatever that means, as it IS a Chinese restaurant. Most of their dishes are NOT what you might find in an NJ Chinese restaurant–they are much spicier, much more authentic and, unless they have bowed to pressure to be more average, you will not find Hot & Sour Soup; Egg Rolls; Orange Beef; Mu Shu Pork; and the other usual NJ fare.

    Thanks for supporting them–their unusual menu and hard to notice location has hurt their business,other than the many Chinese families I see eating there.

    • You’re right, I should have used different phrasing. It’s Chinese food, just not ordinary or average Chinese food. Their location is probably one of the biggest obstacles they have to overcome. I know where it is and I’ve still driven past it! Thanks for reading.

      • david says:

        Thanks. Three other authentic Asian places near Cranford you might enjoy are the Korean dishes at NY 8th Ave Deli in Westfield next to the Rialto (the Korean owners of the deli added them as an afterthought and I had no idea they offered them until seeing a small sign in the window the 500th time I drove past); Pho Minh in Linden and Saigon Grill in Hillside.

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