What’s Your Favorite Takeout Spot?

Now that we have a toddler and another baby on the way the hubby and I rely on takeout at least once a week. We thought we’d have a rough adjustment coming from Hoboken but this area actually has a lot of great spots you can grab lunch or dinner from. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Mizu Sushi – Hands down, my favorite sushi restaurant in the area. I already told Dennis that after this baby comes his one job is to go pick me up a a big order of sushi and sashimi. My favorite roll at Mizu is their Salmon Avocado but everything they serve is super fresh and delicious.
    Mizu Sushi
  • Dim Sum II – We’ve tried a few other Chinese food restaurants but we keep coming back to Dim Sum. We never place an order without starting with their wonton soup. I’ll admit that I tend to order the steamed vegetables with tofu from there which isn’t too exciting but the vegetables are always crisp and the portions are generous. In the colder weather their noodle soups really hit the spot.
  • Cod Almighty Chippery – There’s something so satisfying about well-cooked fish and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Cod Almighty Chippery. My husband always orders the fish and chips which comes with some beautiful crispy fish and a generous serving of chips. I’m always so impressed that the fish isn’t greasy but instead just tastes delicious. I tend to stick with their Fish Tacos which are lighter but no less tasty. They also come with a side of baked beans which are the only baked beans that I’ve ever tried and loved.
  • Grill Creations – This unassuming spot in Garwood is where we turn when we’re both really hungry and craving something substantial. Their Chipotle Chicken Chimichanga is packed full of spicy chicken, rice, and beans, and comes with a roasted tomato sauce that’s so good I usually order extra. If you eat in they also give you chips and salsa to start your meal which is always welcome.
  • Old City – If there’s one thing we’re missing in this area it’s Greek food. At least I can sort of scratch that itch with Old City which serves up authentic Middle Eastern fare. Their Hummus is so amazingly smooth and delicious that I know my husband would eat it all if I let him. I also love their Fatte, salads, and Shish Tawook Sandwich. Best of all we usually go overboard with ordering and have enough for lunch the next day.

Takeout from Old City

    • Thai Cranford – My biggest craving this pregnancy was for Pad Thai and the Pad Thai from Thai Cranford totally hit the spot. It has the perfect balance of flavors and is never overly greasy. Thai Cranford’s other dishes are also great like their Thai Spring Rolls and my usual order, Tofu Preow Wan. We’ve always been happy with the dishes we’ve ordered from here and I especially like that you can request the spice level of your food when you place your order.

So those are my favorite spots to pick up something quick and delicious for lunch or dinner. What are yours?

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