First Taste: Bento Express in Cranford

Bento Express
The great thing about working for Downtown Cranford is always being up-to-date on the new businesses that are opening. I was very excited when Bento Express opened its doors since I love Asian cuisine, and the fact that they have a hibachi grill sets them apart from most restaurants. Though you may not realize it just from looking at their menu, they like to stress that their food is cooked in a healthier way than people have come to expect. For example, their scallion pancakes are grilled instead of fried. Scallion pancakes are one my favorite appetizers but I never order them because I’m turned off by their greasiness. But if they’re grilled? I’m all over that!
Vegetable Teriyaki
I stopped by the other day (it’s within walking distance of my office – dangerous!) and ordered the Vegetable Teriyaki. It came with sauteed tofu which I absolutely love. I chose brown rice to accompany it, but you can get white rice or noodles if you want. I loved the fact that the container they used kept the vegetables and sauce separate from the rice so it didn’t get soggy. The portion size was great, and I started off thinking that there was no way I could eat it all. Apparently I was very hungry though because I ate it all. Not my proudest moment but it was really good. The vegetables were fresh (I saw them cook them right on the hibachi after all), and the sauce wasn’t overly sweet. It was just the perfect lunch. I’m really looking forward to trying the rest of the dishes on their menu. They’re holding a Grand Opening March 22 so make sure you stop by to try samples of their food. This is a welcome addition to Downtown Cranford.

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