Need to warm up? Check out the February Menus at A Toute Heure

image001I don’t want to discuss the weather. It’s too depressing. We took Madeline out in the snow and after five minutes she gave us a look that clearly said “I’ve had enough.” I think we all know how she feels. So if you’re also struggling to get through the month, take comfort in the fact that A Toute Heure has their February menus now available for lunch and dinner. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The dinner menu starts off with a number of delicious sounding dishes, including coffee cured duck breast, roast carrot soup, winter greens salad, and pork cheek croquettes. Entrees include scallops (always a favorite), steak frites, house-made porcini pappardelle, and baked chicken sausage pasta. ATH is also offering up their mussel pots, as well as a few side dishes to help round out your meal.

The lunch menu crams just as much deliciousness in as the dinner menu. Soup choices are beef stew and winter carrot, and can be included in any Lunchbox order. Looking for a sandwich to pair with that? The options are grilled cheese, steak sandwich, vegetarian tacos, turkey sandwich, and pork cheek sandwich. This is making your normal pb&j seem rather sad, isn’t it?

So make sure to stop by soon since February is only 28 days, and I’m really hoping it’s over before we know it. If you do go, check back and let us know what you had!

A Toute Heure menus

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