Savory Spice Shop in Westfield

Becky and Jackie
It was just about three years ago that sisters Jackie Mittelhammer and Becky Solheim opened the Westfield branch of Savory Spice Shop. In the ensuing years the sisters have made an effort to keep the store stocked with a variety of spices while also expanding their other product lines as well. A quick glance around shows just how much the store has to offer.

Jackie and Becky have made an effort to seek out local artisans and have an entire display dedicated to food products from around the region. The store sells local teas, jams, pastas, and honey. They even have local woodwares for customers looking for cutting boards or serving platters. Jackie and Becky come across the products based on their own research and recommendations from customers.
Local Items Display
In keeping with the local theme the store also sells regional spice blends, including 2 New Jersey ones: Barnegat Bay and Raritan River. Savory Spice Shop also has begun to sell “Recipes to Go,” which contain a recipe along with pre-measured spices. It’s the perfect item for customers looking for a quick dinner idea.

For more adventurous customers, one of the newest and most popular items is Ghost Chile Salt and Hot Sauce. The Ghost Chile Salt contains salt, ground ghost chili, and a bit of chocolate extract. The ghost chile is 5 times hotter than a habanero, making this the perfect gift for someone who can never drench their food in enough hot sauce.
Hot Sauce
Savory Spice Shop has made strides recently in its partnerships with local businesses. Dreyer Farms in Cranford included their spices in their CSA boxes this past summer, along with suggestions on how to use it with fresh Jersey produce. Red Knot, the restaurant on the grounds of Galloping Hill golf course, uses Savory Spice Shop products in many of their dishes. Jackie and Becky are hoping to reach out to more like-minded businesses in 2014 and expose even more people to the variety of products they have to offer. In the three years they’ve been in business the sisters have built up a loyal following. They even started offering a Loyalty Program which gives customers $10 back for every $100 spent. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect excuse to stop by and fill up your spice rack?

Savory Spice Shop
138 E. Broad St.
Westfield, New Jersey
(908) 264-8947

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1 Response to Savory Spice Shop in Westfield

  1. Maureen Stavrou says:

    I love the Recipes to Go idea! It takes the guesswork out of cooking.

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