November Menus at A Toute Heure

image001Thanksgiving sandwich. That’s all you need to know.

Okay, okay, there’s much more to A Toute Heure’s November menus than that. But their Thanksgiving sandwich (described as roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry aioli on a sweet potato roll) is always phenomenal. It’s offered for lunch so leave the pb&j at home and treat yourself to this instead.

Dinner has some delicious sounding appetizers and bites, including sweet potato soup, foie gras and pheasant ravioli, fattoush, and their always amazing cheese selection. Of course the big star is always their entrees and it looks like the November offerings don’t disappoint. Included on the menu are seared sea scallops, pot pie with smoked chicken legs and thighs, short ribs, and their selection of mussel pots. And like always, save room for dessert. Their toffee apple cake is back on the menu and my stomach is growling just thinking of it…

A Toute Heure menus

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