On the Horizon

I can’t be the only one in denial about the fact that summer is almost over. That being said, I do love fall as it contains some of my favorite flavors – pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, nutmeg…I could go on. So following along with that train of thought, here are some food-related things to look forward to once summer is officially over.

  • Dinner in a Pinch will be releasing their fall menu in September, so look for the addition of some delicious fall-inspired dishes.
  • Cranford Vanilla Bean Creamery will start phasing in their fall flavors soon. The flavors will include Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple, and a new flavor Ralph is currently working on – Snickerdoodle. Also, if you haven’t tried their Funky Monkey flavor yet, what are you waiting for? The flavor combines creamy banana ice cream with fudge swirl and chocolate pieces and is absolutely delicious.
  • A new month means new menus at A Toute Heure. Check back here shortly and I’ll post links to the menus once they’re up.
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