New Menu Crasher and Special Event at Dinner in a Pinch

I love spicy food. I still tell the story of the time Dennis ordered his pad thai “hot” at the Thai Diner in Clark and it was so spicy it completely cleared out my sinuses and got rid of my cold. True story! Anyway, you can see why I’m excited about the newest Menu Crasher at Dinner in a PinchWasabi Salmon. If you like spicy food then this is a must-try.

In addition to this delicious-sounding dish, Dinner in a Pinch is also hosting a canning event on Sunday. The information is below – definitely check back if you go and let us know how it was!

“Is your garden overflowing? Head over to Dinner in a Pinch this Sunday, August 18th to learn how to make and preserve pickles! Jenny Lichtenwalner of Charlie Thyme ( will show you each step of the canning process and you’ll quickly be on your way to a pantry full of homemade goodies! Each participant will bring home a jar of pickles. Register by e-mailing or calling 908-376-6270.”

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