Updated Menu at Southside Roast

SoRo-logoSouthside Roast has an updated menu which includes their beverage and food selections.  Not only that, but SoRo will even deliver orders (minimum $10) to the Centennial Pool!  In addition to iced coffees, their cold drink selection includes Iced Vietnamese (chilled espresso and condensed milk), Iced Black Tea, Iced Tea/Lemonade, and the SoRo-cino, described as “a shot of espresso, half & half, gourmet chocolate or caramel sauce blended with ice.”  Can’t you just picture sipping that poolside?

On the food side, SoRo offers baked goods from the Lithuanian Bakery, as well as English Muffins, grilled cheese, Taylor ham and cheese, and peanut butter and nutella sliders.  They also have 3 varieties of “gourmet petites” – brie & fig or peach preserve, provolone & bacon jam, and mozzarella & roasted red pepper-artichoke tapenade.  Check out the link to their menu below to see all of their offerings.

Southside Roast Menu

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