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dreyer farms

It finally feels like summer, so what better time to get excited about the fact that we have a farm right within town limits?  I posted before about Dreyer Farms’ CSA box and all of the wonderful goodies it contains.  This past week’s box had two special treats – pizza dough from Breadsmith and a jar of peach preserves.

Dreyer Farms recently sent out an email to their CSA members and mentioned that the farm will be undergoing construction in January 2014 as they look to improve the parking situation, as well as the variety of items available.  They’re welcoming ideas about what people would like to see added to the farm, so make your voice heard!  Personally I’d love it if they offered farm fresh eggs.  Scrambling up some farm fresh eggs to serve alongside roasted Jersey asparagus is one of my favorite summer meals.

Also, if you haven’t joined the Farm Club yet they have some more openings so get to it!  Once these spaces fill up there won’t be openings until next year.

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