Spring Roll Class at A Toute Heure

image001Who doesn’t love spring rolls? They’re the perfect example of a food that packs a lot of flavor into a little package. On July 21 at noon, A Toute Heure will be partnering with Chef Marie Chio of Stone’s Throw Eats on a spring roll class. The class will demonstrate different spring roll making techniques and provide participants with samples during class, as well as recipes to try at home. Can you think of a more delicious way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Below is the press release.

Mastering the Spring Roll

Learn the art of the roll with a toute heure and Stone’s Throw Eats

 WHAT: a toute heure is rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ this summer with Chef Marie Chio of Stone’s Throw Eats for a class on mastering the spring roll, a tasty dish rounding out cuisines across the globe. Dive into the history of the spring roll and its many versions; examine the importance of regional ingredients in creating authentic spring rolls from different countries; and most importantly, watch and learn as the well-traveled Chef Chio demonstrates rolling techniques, various wrapper styles, and assembles rolls for everyone to taste for themselves. All participants will take home recipes from the class, as well sample spring rolls during class.

WHEN: Sunday, July 21st, 12pm

WHERE:  a toute heure, 232 Centennial Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016                            atouteheure.com908.276.6600

COST/RSVP: $30/person. Visit atouteheure.com/events.php for more information and to download a registration form.

ABOUT ATH:  a toute heure (ATH) is the culmination of Andrea and Jim Carbine’s lifelong love affair with food. Modeled after daily blackboard menus (in France known as the “a toute heure” signs perched outside countryside bistros that highlight the seasonal specials), the Carbines were inspired to build an entire bistro around those menus- the chef’s specials, local foods, seasonal treasures, and dishes made with only the best and freshest picks from the daily market. At ATH, the menu is ever-changing, fit to feature modern American dishes loaded with seasonal fruits and vegetables, and fresh, locally             grown meat and fish.

ABOUT CHEF MARIE CHIO:   Chef Marie Chio received culinary and pastry training in France, but it is her extensive travels and love of food that motivates her cooking! With Stone’s Throw Eats, she launched a new career for herself as an instructor, caterer, and cook!

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