Southside Roast Opens in Centennial Village

Southside Roast

There are few things I love more than a good cup of coffee in the morning, so you can imagine my excitement when Southside Roast opened only a short walk from my house. I headed over there last week and spoke to the owner, Ann.  She’s a former lawyer who decided to completely change careers and open a coffee shop in her hometown of Cranford.  Southside Roast serves fine teas and coffees, as well as natural sodas for the kids.  Ann is working on expanding the menu but currently offers baked goods from John Backliel (owner of the Lithuanian Bakery in Elizabeth), parfaits with fresh fruit from Dreyer Farms, and “sliders.”  The “sliders” come in a number of varieties including Nutella + peanut butter, grilled cheese + Taylor ham, and brie + fig butter.  Are you hungry yet?

Interior of SoRo

Ann makes a real effort to work with local food purveyors, such as the above mentioned Dreyer Farms and Lithuanian Bakery. She also sold chocolates from Donna’s Chocolates over Memorial Day to help support The Fisher House Foundation, a charity dedicated to housing families of veterans who have been injured. In addition to working with nearby businesses for the food, all of the coffee beans used are from NJ micro roasters.

Exterior of SoRo
I’ve already made numerous trips to Southside Roast and can vouch for the deliciousness of their iced coffee and tea.  Their iced coffee is cold brewed so it’s smooth and strong without being bitter.  I downed it rather quickly after running in the 5K last Sunday!  Ann is constantly working on new products and events so make sure you follow them on Facebook to keep up with everything that’s happening at the newest food spot in town.

Southside Roast
300 Centennial Ave.
Cranford, NJ 07016
(908) 967-6530

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