CSA Box from Dreyer Farms – Week 1

Dennis and I used to go to the Westfield Farmers Market every Saturday but we find ourselves with a lot less time these days (the crawling, babbling baby might have something to do with it).  So for the first time we signed up for a CSA box from Dreyer Farms in Cranford.  We chose the smallest box since Madeline is just starting to enjoy solids and the two of us can only eat so much in one week.  I picked up our first box this morning and was so excited to see what we got.  Here’s a list of what they provided…

CSA Week 1
And here’s how it looked:
Dreyer Farms CSA Box - Week 1
Here’s a closeup of the strawberries – beautiful, aren’t they?

Dreyer tells you what’s in the box and also provides recipes and storage tips for the produce. It’s only the first week but I’m already in love. It’s hard to believe that I picked up this box of local produce only 5 minutes from home!

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2 Responses to CSA Box from Dreyer Farms – Week 1

  1. Tammy says:

    Yes! The strawberries are awesome!

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