May Menu Debuts at A Toute Heure

My husband and I were married in May so last Friday we headed to A Toute Heure to celebrate our anniversary.  We had perfect timing as they had just debuted their new menu the day before.  We spent a good ten minutes looking over the menu, trying to decide between all of their delicious offerings.  We ended up starting with the octopus, which was grilled perfectly and illustrated that few things are better than well-cooked octopus.  For dinner I ordered the Tapenade and Potatoes Mussel Pot with a side of the Roast Spring Vegetables, while Dennis went with the Chicken and Dumplings.  Everything was top-notch and I only wish our stomachs were bigger so we could try more of the food.  We ended our meal with the Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake and a scoop of ice cream.  Once again A Toute Heure hits it out of the park and I continue to marvel at the fact that we have such an outstanding restaurant only a short walk away.

A Toute Heure menus

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