Loaded Burgers-N-BBQ in Garwood

Loaded Burgers-N-BBQ
This past weekend my brother and dad were nice enough to help Dennis plant some bushes at our house, so we picked up lunch for them as a thank you.  I decided to try out Loaded Burgers-N-BBQ in Garwood since I thought they could use a nice hearty lunch after doing some manual labor.  The three of them each got a burger while I tried the waffles with bacon and pork belly (can you believe I used to be a vegetarian?).  The burgers come on a lovely brioche bun and you can add a variety of toppings: avocado, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, etc.  I wish I had snapped some pictures before we devoured our food but let’s just say everything tasted as good as it sounds.  The owners are currently revamping the menu and I’m hoping to sit down with them once they do.  Stay tuned, and in the meantime definitely give this place a try!

Loaded Burgers-N-BBQ
101 Center Street
(908) 518-7800

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