Classes at Cheese…Please!

Cheese…Please! in Cranford is offering up a bunch of new classes over the next few months. The best part is that you can bring your own bottle of wine to pair with any of the cheeses that you’ll be tasting. Doesn’t that sound like a delicious way to spend your evening?  Reserve your spot now!

Cheese Class Schedule

Cheese & Wine 101

What exactly is cheese?  How do you pair it to wine, beer, whiskey…Grape Soda?!  Learn about the history of cheese making and taste examples of the 5 basic types of cheese.

Bring your own wine and we’ll pair it on the spot!
April 25, May 9, June 13 @ 7pm   50 p/p   (16 seats available)

The Cheeses of France

Wind your way through the cheese making provinces of France. Explore the different climates and cultures that influence cheese making in each region. Sample several different varieties of these delicious treasures.

Bring a bottle of your favorite French red or white and we will pair them “Sur la Table!” Bon!
May 23 @ 7 pm   50 p/p   (16 seats available)

The Cheeses of Italy

Some say the French make cheese to impress while the Italians makecheese to eat! Join us in exploring the Cheeses of Italy from the heel of the boot in the south to the lush pastures of the Veneto in the north.  What is mozzarella? And why does being drunk make such delicious cheese?  Bring your favorite Italian red or white and we will taste and compare it with the “Molti Bene” Italian cheeses we will be sampling.
June 27 @ 7pm   50 p/p   (16 seats available)

Cheese Selections for the Lactose Intolerant

If dairy gives you a real pain and you are pining for some real cheese in your life join us at Cheese…Please! and explore the causes of lactose intolerance and ways to live with it.  Taste through several goat’s milk and sheep’s milk cheeses as well as aged cow’s milk cheeses that no longer contain any lactose.  Bring your favorite wine and we will match them up with some amazing cheeses.  Put a little cheese back in your life!!
April 14, May 12 @ 3pm   50 p/p   (16 seats available)

Call today to reserve your ticket to taste!

(908) 272-4500

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